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Mark 8000
Mark 8000 Quantity in Basket: None
Code: RVM8000
Price: $182.00
This special low price includes FREE shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 states
  • LARGE 8000 GRAIN CAPACITY - The Mark 8000 uses .25 cubic feet of softener resin. This means you will soften 800 gallons of water that has 10 grains of hardness.

  • GOLD RESIN - The Mark 8000 uses the superior gold resin found in the finest residential and commercial softeners on the market.

  • LARGE REMOVEABLE CAP - The Mark 8000 has a large opening for regenerating the system. You do not disassemble the Mark 8000 to regenerate, but simply unscrew the large cap, pour your slurry of salt & water into the large opening, let stand for 30 minutes, and then flush.

  • USES TABLE SALT - You donít carry filthy, heavy rock salt around with you to regenerate the Mark 8000, but rather ordinary table salt that is readily available anywhere your travels take you. Buy it where you need it.

  • NO METER, NO ELECTRICITY, NO PROBLEMS - The Mark 8000 uses a high-quality manually-operated softener valve for years of trouble free service. Although meters and flashing lights are impressive looking, we all know electricity, water, and the outdoors donít mix. Your Mark 8000 comes with a supply of inexpensive, yet accurate, hardness test strips. You will monitor the product water of your softener and then regenerate it at your convenience, not when some meter decides to shut your water supply off. Since the amount of water that can be softened is a function of the hardness of the water supply, with a metered softener it would be necessary for you to carry an elaborate testing kit to assess how many grains of hardness you are experiencing so you would be able to adjust your meter accordingly. We believe in simplicity and quality. You worked hard for your toys and we want you to enjoy them.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Mark 8000 is shipped with replaceable nylon garden hose fittings and comes ready to install and use with a supply of the gold resin. No need to purchase a supply separately. Your resin only needs to be replaced if it is accidentally dumped out or damaged. Other than that, your original resin should last for many years.

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